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Many of the problems we encounter in the workplace are the result of poor communication. Whether we are frustrated by a lack of information from senior managers or worrying about how to break bad news to a colleague, communication is often at the root of the issue and the solution. By learning how to communicate more effectively, we can stop problems from escalating and make the workplace a more efficient and harmonious environment to be in. We can also present ourselves more positively, both to existing colleagues and future employers during the job application process.

This free course, Effective communication in the workplace, explores the importance of communication as a skill in the workplace. It aims to increase your understanding of communication skills and to help you to consider how your communication could be perceived by others. You’ll cover areas such as verbal and non-verbal communication, written communication and using your communication skills in challenging and diverse situations. You’ll also look at possible scenarios for communication in the future, ranging from remote working to virtual reality.

Each week you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on your own communication skills, setting goals to improve them.

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