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Chinmoy Ghosh 21 June 2020

Welcome to the Canada Course for Education Agents. We applaud your interest in Canada as a destination, and we have prepared the following content to help you provide an overview of this country to students and their families considering a study abroad destination.

Why is education an important component in Canada’s global outlook?

As countries around the world plan for prosperity, it is critical that their economies be driven by innovation, research, top talent, and highly skilled labour. Such economies will depend on a strong knowledge sector, and underpinning this is the mobility of international students and the collaboration of international researchers. Canada is committed to supporting this state of affairs and has an excellent education system known for its quality, relevance and flexibility, and for its welcoming environment for international students.

In short, Canada is a destination in which students from across Canada and around the world can reach their full potential.

The information in this course is specifically designed for agents who are advising students and their families considering Canada as a top destination for education opportunities. It will help you provide students with details so they can choose a program and location in Canada, prepare for living in Canada, and complete all the necessary documentation required for study at a Canadian education institution.

Completing this course will enable you to help students make appropriate Canadian study choices and to position them for academic and career success through a great education experience in Canada.

We invite you to begin now.

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